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Brunswick Town Hall Photos

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Brunswick Town Hall

The first Brunswick Council met in the Cornish Arms Hotel.  In 1859 the first Council offices were built at 620 Sydney Rd next to the current Police Station

In 1876/77, the central section of the existing Town Hall was built on the south-west corner of Dawson Street and Sydney Road. This served the community well, and was more central to the Sydney Road Shops (Photo 1877)

In 1926 a further wing of offices was built on the south side. In 1937 renovations were carried out and, the central section enlarged towards the street and portico added

In 1926   the large hall in Dawson Street was constructed in the Moderne style.   It  was designed by Wilson and Charles R Heath (1926) and remodelled (1937), by Peck and Kemter.

This was the Town Hall until 1992 when it was converted into a library. It was the scene of regular dances and  scores of Brunswick residents met their future spouse here

The smaller hall fronting Sydney Rd housed the Brunswick Library from the 1970s to 1992.   After the new library was opened this section of the building was restored as a hall and now hosts a number of activities.

Municipal offices occupied the rest of the building until  Brunswick was amalgamated into Moreland in 1994  and most administrative functions were relocated to Coburg.

Old Brunswick Railway Gates Photos

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Brunswick Hotels Photos

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Hotels appeared in Brunswick soon after the arrival of the first European settlers.  The stone quarries,  clay pits and brickworks established in in the late 1840s and early  1850s  employed many thirsty workers and Brunswick was also on the way to the goldfields during the Gold Rush so the diggers also became patrons. Some of the oldest hotels built during this period still exist.  These include the Union, the Retreat and the Sarah Sands.  During the 1880s land boom a number of grand three story hotels were built.  These include the Railway, the West Brunswick, the Lomond, the Grandview , the East Brunswick and the Lyndhurst.  Other hotels such as the Brunswick, the Caledonian, the Cumberland Arms and the Carrington were established early and later rebuilt.

​​Brunswick Scenes & Streetscapes

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Brunswick Sporting Teams & Grounds Photos

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Brunswick Football Club

Brunswick Football Club operated from the 1860s until 1989 and there is still a jujior team based at the Alec Gillon Oval.

There is a published history of the Brunswick  Football Club – A Fair and Honest Game  by Les Barnes and Laurie Cunningham

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